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Henok Profile

Henok (Hen) Tekle is a prominent influencer, angel investor, advisor, and fund manager. Frequently invited to attend or speak at events in the space, Hen has attended or spoke at the inaugural Token Summit (New York City), Blockstack (Silicon Valley), CoinAlts Fund Symposium (San Francisco), Block-Con (Los Angeles), Crypto Valley Trip (Zug, Switzerland), Mindspace (Berlin), World Blockchain Conference (Bangkok). Hybrid Summit (Macau), Dubai International Blockchain Summit (Dubai), and the Mobile World Conference (Barcelona). Hen is a founding partner of Alphachain, an ICO advisory and investment firm.


A passionate blockchain enthusiast and crypto ambassador, Hen has traveled all over the world speaking before audiences about cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Hen recently formed Alphachain, an ICO advisory and investment firm, with partners from investor network. Drawing upon experience advising successful early projects like Pareto Network, FortKnoxster, The Bee Token, and others, Hen seeks to enlist vast resources with Alphachain to provide a turnkey end-to-end solution for early stage companies interested in having an ICO. Not just as an investor, but as an individual, Hen likes to diversify his activities, and - as a result - is a content creator with a podcast, blog and YouTube channel. Hen has lined up a prominent list of founders for leading projects such as Aion, Unikoin Gold, Props, Wala, Vezt, among others, with the explicit purpose of educating the public about these projects before deciding whether to take part in their token sales.

Hen has founded several popular cryptocurrency online communities and syndicates comprised of insiders, influencers and investors that span the world. Collectively, they form a powerful network that has delivered tens of millions of dollars worth of Ether and Bitcoin for token sales, as well as parabolic network effects.

Hen's professional background includes IT business transformation consulting for firms like Deloitte, as well as projects for organizations like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, the IRS, and Mayo Clinic. Hen also has done freelance journalism work, most notably having received a grant from the Corless Foundation in 2011 to document the Arab Spring, which took him to many countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East to conduct video interviews.

Hen is often on the road speaking at conferences and meeting with clients, and is based in Puerto Rico.