Henok Profile

As seen in news interviews on CNBC, Henok "Hen" Tekle is a founding partner of AlphaChain, a blockchain advisory and investment firm. A notable blockchain angel investor, advisor, content creator and public speaker, Hen is a passionate advocate for the disruption brought by token economies and blockchain technology, and regularly speaks at conferences around the world about these topics. Hen's angel investor syndicate has deployed substantial capital to further support the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.


Hen has founded prominent syndicates of crypto influencers and investors that bring a global community of positive supporters behind leading blockchain projects. Collectively, these syndicates have contributed tens of millions of dollars towards early stage blockchain networks and have helped nurture their evolution in international markets.

Hen's syndicate helped launch the global communities behind Icon, Aion, Wanchain, Gladius, WaBi, Request Network, Loci Network, and many more. Hen's dealflow is exclusively focused on private sales in the earliest stages of funding.

Facilitated by the Hen Global brand (YouTube/Instagram), projects backed by Hen's syndicate have generally enjoyed strong network effects as measured by community size and growth, as well as strong token price performance on the exchanges. The Hen Global brand includes video interviews with founders of leading projects, consumable audio podcasts, tweets, and written articles on Medium.